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The 37-year-old Memphis native -- whose global music profession formally launched 20 years back this March with NSYNC's self-titled debut record, also as a solo artist five decades after his Justified LP, effectively finishing the multi-million-selling boy group -- did not show any nerves on opening night. So comfortable was that he in his part, dancing, singing, playing keyboards and guitar, that when there weren't any kinks to work out from the production, then they were not obvious. In case Chris Stapletonwas expected to make a surprise look for "Say Something," or real life forecasts were supposed to emerge from mechanical trap doors, we were none the wiser.

The pacing for the 2 hours except for a brief, hard-to-hear time-filler movie, but what else can he do?

Timberlake's second Toronto show is Thursday, and he'll go back to the town in October to get a third party. The 100-date Person of the Woods tour has been scheduled to last 10 weeks. Thus without giving that far away so early, below are a few highlights:

A growing number of artists are providing their whole stadium's worth of lovers the chance to be near the action at different times from the series. Timberlake's stage setup filled the amount of the Air Canada Centre -- the most important stage (chairs were marketed behind it), along with a catwalk that wound its way into a more compact center stage, in addition to a third in the far end, and back around to the primary, like a pathway through the forests. There was just the strange fake tree, in order to not disturb anyone's sight-line.

However there were lots of trees projected about the three-dozen scrims that spanned from above, within the 3 phases, at a circle design. You will find likewise strobes and link lights as well as other laser consequences. Along with the group's main-stage platform also had the capability to rotate and move. In and about this expansive setup were lovers, who'd purchased the VIP experience to be around the ground.

Timberlake might be charged as a solo performer, but he has the Tennessee Kids - a 15-piece outfit that includes a horn section and backing vocalists. They're his service, and he allows them glow and actually be part of what he is doing onstage. They're his twenties guys and girls, permitted to move and love themselves, never to stand still and provide accompaniment from the shadows, such as hired guns to encourage the celebrity and simply do their job. Some are awarded solos, many join him over the other two phases or up and down the catwalk. They give the display a much-appreciated vibrancy.

A massive chunk of this record is spent pushing Timberlake's new outdoorsy, "easy living" picture. Sonically, this implies lots of midtempo country-tinged ballads. Lyrically, it seems vague and inexpensive. We get scoffs in "that elaborate record company guy," about the nose statements such as "Ain't got no telephone, do not want it" and faux-profundities such as "Sometimes the best way to state anything is to say nothing in any respect." You wonder just how many camping trips it required JT to develop that one.

In the traditional pop tracks, 'Filthy' is your clear option for a hit, but despite its own bellowing guitars and exalted aspirations, it is difficult to see it placing a scene alight. But when Timberlake tries to flip the swagger on, we get tired lines such as "I will be the generator, turn me when you require power."

In 16 tracks and 65 minutes, this item is really a slog. Superior moments on 'Montana' and then 'Breeze off the Pond' are tucked away towards the record's ending, but you could be tired by the time you arrive.

In a summary: This baffling, awkward rebrand from Timberlake will have you wanting he would bring back.

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