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Pretty Woman reinvented a genre, swept the entire world off its toes in 1990 and forced countless believe in happily ever afterwards. Now, among the most treasured romances ever is coming to Broadway as a brand new musical! Pretty Woman: The Musical Tickets & Information http://www.greendalecinema.com/fonts/icomoon/Pretty-Woman-Broadway-NYC-Tickets.html

Vivian, a prostitute, and Edward, a wealthy businessman are unlikely soul mates who attempt to bridge the gap between their own different worlds to find each other... and themselves. Experience the minutes you love in the romantic comedy -- and also get to understand those iconic characters in an entirely new way - in this dazzlingly theatrical spin on a romance for the ages.

It is in this moment that Pretty Woman comes closest for a fantastic stage production unto itself -- possibly because it is in this moment that it is in its most abstract. Pretty Woman does not attempt to reconcile the picture's absurdities and effortless wish satisfaction with the brutal truth of the'90s or some other age. It instead provides us an enlarged fantasia on which was a far-fetched fantasy to start with. It is most successful as it stops only iterating the movie, scene from etched-in-memory scene, and allows the spectacle of theatre build on the movie's most dazzling minutes. If something, Pretty Woman: The Musical might have dazzled us more.

Brought to life with a powerhouse creative team, such as lyrics and music by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance. Pretty Woman: The Musical is sure to raise your spirits and accelerate your heart.

Based on which choice is reserved, chairs are guaranteed in the Orchestra/Mezzanine or the Rear Mezzanine segments of this theatre. Seats are allocated with the box office in the time of reserving a best available seat foundation. Book early for the best seats!

Please notice: because of the popularity of the show, tickets might be on petition. In case the selected date isn't available a part of our client services staff will contact you to arrange another date/time. If no acceptable date can be obtained, you'll be given a complete refund.



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